Monday, October 24, 2016

Oct 22nd .....

After the Apraxia walk Jacquelyn and I went out 
to run some errands and then met up with Bucky and Declan
for lunch at Red Robin

after lunch I headed home to relax.....had already been
a long day! I had made chili Friday night and all of the kids
were coming over for dinner and we wanted to 
make smores with the grandkids

Jacquelyn took the picture below from the upstairs pool room
what's funny about the picture, that reflection from
one of Johnny's creep Halloween collection!!

we really had a great time
and about 8:00 when all of the kids left, Johnny and I headed
up to JJ's, a local bar as they had one of our favorite
bands playing there, English Channel
So it was a long day but a fun day!!


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