Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Party part 2 ....

My daughter Jacquelyn and her mother-in-law took a 
lot more pictures than me and they were kind enough
to let me share those pictures on the blog

this one is called peek-a-boo Patty
you expect her to just open her hands up but no
she starts singing to you and them POP.....up goes her head
scares me every single time!

one of our son's best friends and our adopted son
Tommy as Waldo....

more pictures of the grave yard

Former neighbors....Bob and Margaret
so much fun seeing them!!

Tommy, Joanne, Doug, Bonnie, Lois and Gene

another friend....haha

One of Jacquelyn's good friends, Stephanie
and our son Jake

Jake and Kayce

Tom the Deplorable!

Tommy's wife Stacy as killer mime 

Creepy, creepy doll who follows you around saying....
"don't be afraid"
"I only want to hug you"

Tommy's daughter Sienna dressed as a Khaleesi!!

here's a better picture of the table

here's the mirror in the bathroom and it is motion activated
so then that creepy guy pops up and starts yelling at you
to get him out of there.....haha
this is the one that scared just about everyone that
went in to the bathroom

here's the zombie mommy holding her baby
and 2 other zombie babies sitting by her
she is activated by a step pad and she starts rocking
and singing to her creepy

another picture of the Dexter blood splattered sugar cookies

that's all

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