Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Food challenge ....

Our granddaughter Avery Grace has some 
serious food allergies
She's allergic to milk, soy, rice and eggs
It is called FPIES
it is a protein allergy, having to do with the gastro system
I don't know all of the medical terms for it I just know
it is a very rare allergy found in mostly infants and children
it causes vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain

So our little Avery Grace has not been able to enjoy
things like cheese, cupcakes, pizza, egg omelets, etc.
It doesn't bother her because she has never had 
these things before.

So now at 17 months old they are doing a food challenge
she had one done today at MCV Childrens Hospital

This one was for dairy so they gave her 3 ounces 
of milk.....1 oz every 15 minutes
they checked her at the end of each 15 minutes
then gave her more
she had never had milk and wow, she LOVED it!

the challenge went well but they have to wait for the
blood test results to give the go ahead and adding
dairy. Can you imagine when she taste cheese
for the first time!!

I went with Jacquelyn since Bucky was unable to go
We had to be there from 8 to 4
It was our first time being at the new children 
hospital and it is so beautiful. And the people that work
there are just so nice.....everyone, from receptionist to nurses
very nice!!

here are some pictures of our view all day
our city is so beautiful


they have a nice outside area to hang out in and with
the weather so nice, we hung out there for a good part of the day

and the waiting areas had some cool furniture
that Avery liked playing on

She seemed to do fine with her food challenge
and she's really just such a happy girl
all day there and she never fussed, just seemed very happy!!

fingers crossed everything goes well


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