Thursday, September 22, 2016

Beach day 5 ....

We went out for breakfast on this day
and then headed to the beach!

breakfast at Millers

It was a beautiful day, the water was warm and just enough
of a breeze BUT....the flies were horrible. They were relentless
and would bite. And it hurt!!
I saw on the news there were just swarms of black flies
up and down the East Coast following Hurricane Hermine and
they really had no explanation for it.
well, it sucked!
I think this was the day that Jacquelyn found her first pieces
of sea glass....might be wrong. But I do know she found
3 pieces on this day. I had written that down! haha 
so we didn't stay out too long and ended up at the pool.
which was great, no flies. And the kids had so much fun

of course you have to do some beach selfies!!

every day on the beach little Avery laid on her Daddy
under the umbrella and took a nap.
it was always so sweet and what a great daddy!!

she smiles at the ocean like I do....she knows it's a wonderful thing!

Declan has so much fun in the pool with his Daddy

they loved having the pool on the beach to play in

We had Food Dudes take out and then headed
down to the Outlet mall. Did a little shopping at the GAP outlet
They already had their winter clothes out so bought a few things
for this winter.

Then we went to play Putt Putt for the second time this week.
Jacquelyn go 3 hole in ones
Lynne got 2 hold in ones
and I got one hole in one!!

really bad selfie

I have no pictures to support it but Bucky and Johnny
went to Dairy Queen for blizzards most nights!!


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