Monday, November 9, 2015

Random stuff ...

here's some random stuff

I love fresh flowers and wish
I could have them every week in all of my rooms but I can't
that would get pretty expensive
but I do love splurging and keeping fresh flowers in the 
kitchen / dining room

When we re-modeled our kitchen 4 years ago I looked
for a long time for the perfect table and chairs
I wanted solid wood and that's just hard to find nowadays
but I did and we were able to design it, picking out the legs,
the backs to the chairs and even the finish on the wood
I keep the table covered most times with a protective cover
and a tablecloth
4 years and no scratches.....until now
I forgot to push the chairs in when we went out and 
Pippa Lou got on the table
and I guess in her excitement of seeing other dogs
outside, she put quite a few scratches in my table :(
We came home to this.....

I'm working on upholstering a pair of wing back chairs
I just really wasn't sure this was going to turn out to be
a project I could handle but now as I'm removing each
section of fabric, I'm feeling pretty confident that I 
will be able to cover them
here is the fabric I have picked out

Here's the fall wreath we have on our door right now

and here's Johnny prepping the yard for the fall grass seed

and here's my flower still holding on.....and new blooms every 
few days


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