Friday, October 16, 2015

Our doggies.....

We are big dog people
and our dogs are spoiled like no others
and we just love them!!
I just wanted to put up a few pictures of them
They are Teddy Bear dogs.....
part Bichon and part Shih-tzu
Bella Boo has more of the Bichon look with the 
longer nose. She also has the fur like Bichon
very thick and very tight curls
Bella has to be groomed a little more often than Pippa Lou

a little about Bella.....she is all about Bella! haha
she really doesn't care for any of the grandchildren, never interested
in new babies. And when people come to visit that she does not
know, she runs upstairs and stays. And she is a big sissy baby.
She is seriously afraid of everything! The slightest thing can fall
to the floor and she runs. At night when we are watching TV
if there is any sudden noise, she will jump right up and go
upstairs and stay there until I call her to go 
out before bedtime. And even though she is a sissy, she is
a bully to Pippa Lou. She sneaks up on her, walking in slow
motion like a cat would do.....Pippa watches her and right before
Bella gets to her, Pippa takes's funny to watch.
Bella also screams really, really bad when we get home. She 
just gets way too excited and it sounds like you are beating her!
We have to quickly close the door because it just sounds so bad.

here is our beautiful Bella Boo

and here's Pippa Lou
she is our silly girl, almost goofy like
her tail never stops wagging
when she doesn't want to play with Bella, she gets under the dining
room table and under chairs so that Bella can't get her
and when Bella goes to be groomed, Pippa Lou cries almost the whole time
She is very "motherly" and wants to take care of the 
grandchildren when they are babies
Had I known she would be like that, I seriously would have
let her have one litter of puppies.
Pippa Lou has the super soft silky hair like a Shih Tzu.
She is the ultimate lap dog.....every night has to be in someone's lap
and if you have a blanket thrown over you, that is the lap
she will always pick!
She is one of the sweetest dogs that I have ever met.

Bella Boo is 5 years old
Pippa Lou is 4 years old
and they really are the best of friends


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