Friday, July 17, 2015

July 4th ....

We spent nine days down on the
Chesapeake Bay with our brother-in-law Tommy 
and sister-in-law Joanne
They have retired now and invited us down for
the generous of them :)
We don't see them often enough so spending that
much time with them at such a beautiful location
was super special.

It's very relaxing.......sleeping in, big breakfast,
bloody mary's on the porch in the morning, summer walks, checking
crab pots, going for a boat ride, hanging out at the pool,
playing lots and lots of corn hole, evening cocktails on the porch,
lots and lots of fabulous food.

you see.......nothing but relaxation!!

view of their home from the pool

first day corn hole winners....Johnny and Joanne
looks like they are singing something...haha

yumm...steamed crabs caught right off of the dock

Joanne and I having fun.....

Joanne and I love boat riding and so a lot of times when
the guys go run errands, we take off in the boat and check
on all of the Osprey nest

this view from their porch just never gets beautiful
and only one crummy day out of 9....that's ok!


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