Sunday, July 26, 2015

Aging ....

Have you ever heard that saying.......
"getting old ain't for sissies"
well, it's true!

and what I think is hard is that in your mind, you are still young
you're thinking how in the heck am I 59 years old!
I'm doing all I can to stay in great shape
I'm eating so good and exercising as much as I can
I have laid low on running right now as I do not enjoy 
running in the heat. But I'm keeping up with my Jazzercise
and I do some weights, planks and ab work on my off days

But here's what happened.......I played a whole bunch of corn hole
while we were at the bay. And you would think ok, that's a pretty
safe activity. And it is......maybe a little soreness in your throwing
arm because of the MASSIVE amount of games we played...haha.

But I made one mistake and that was when I had some good
throws, I jumped up and down. You know, like a I'm still
young enough to do that. What I forgot is that I'm not 25, I'm 59.
So my ankles did not like that.
and I ended up with a sprained ankle...yep, from 
playing corn hole!
Went to Urgent Care to get an X-ray
and wasn't all that happy to have to say how I did it

this was on July 4th that I sprained it
and now it's July 25th and I'm still limping
haven't been able to exercise, still swollen

ugh....aging ain't for sissies!!!


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