Monday, March 9, 2015

Declan's birthday continued ....

Declan's party was on Saturday but his birthday
was actually the next day on Sunday

So they took him to lunch and bowling
and a few of us tagged along for the fun

this was his first time bowling and he really enjoyed it so much
he jumped up and down clapping almost every time some
one bowled.....very cute

below....checking out the hockey game on TV

friends Deana and Carey

Only about 8 more weeks and this family becomes a
family of 4!

So cute....he walked over to high five Kayce after
she threw her ball

It was a fun weekend for Declan and we all got to enjoy it with him


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Kendra Holeman said...

He is so cute. I hope her shower went well. I hated to miss it. Present in car for when we lunch!!!!