Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas eve 2014 ....

Christmas eve was our normal tradition
family over, dinner, siblings exchange gifts
everyone gets new Christmas jimmies to wear

and like previous years Jacquelyn, Bucky and Jake spent the night
but they have told me this will be the last baby
coming in May so they will probably start staying
at their house. I will definitely miss them but I totally
understand. Was so grateful to have a Christmas
morning with our little Declan

one thing was different this year
before dinner we had the new baby reveal
Declan opened a box and pink balloons came out
yay.....with 4 grandsons we are very happy
to find out that we will have a princess amongst us!
and she will be a princess.....haha

and like previous years, I did not take very many pictures

the picture below is Declan showing us his "drama"
he rolls his eyes then closes them and throws his head back
it's very funny and of course the more you laugh the more he does it
and it gets even more dramatic each time
I really need to get it on video

 showing off his new Christmas pjs

 leaving cookies out for Santa....
the picture below Jacquelyn is telling him all about it
I think he looks like he's not too sure about that!

and that's other pictures!
how bad am I......Lynne and Tom were over for dinner
our grandsons Maddox and Gabe were there along with 
our daughter Nicole and her boyfriend Tyler
also Jake was there......haha! And I took no other pictures
besides having a bad blogging year, I've had a bad picture year
so I need to work on that for next year....haha


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