Monday, June 23, 2014

No bloggin ...

I have not blogged since May 22nd
and I was reminded of this last week by one of my friends
thanks for the reminder Robin :)
then over the weekend I was reminded again
thanks Jacquelyn .... love you!
I haven't been taking many pictures and that's pretty much
the main reason I haven't blogged. I always feel like I have to
have a bunch of pictures to go with a post.
but I also like bullet point post so here you go .....
  • in late May I went with Jacquelyn, Bucky and Declan to the Richmond zoo. I'll do a post on that
  • Memorial weekend Johnny had to work so I just did a few things around the house, did some shopping.
  • the first week of June Johnny and I went down to the beach for 4 days. I took my camera and it never left the bag I put it in. I did take some cell phone pictures...ha! We had a wonderful time just relaxing, going out to eat, enjoying happy hours.
  • I finally went back to Jazzercise after a 2 month absence due to my foot surgery. I basically lost all of my stamina so now it's time to build that back up!
  • then Johnny ended up in the hospital. He had been having stomach pain and on Tuesday I took him to the ER per our doctors instructions. They admitted him and he had diverticulitis attack. He was able to come home on Thursday evening. Boy I sure do hate us being apart!! Thankful for the wonderful company I work for because each morning I went to the hospital and just worked from Johnny's hospital room while he watched TV and slept
  • and Sunday was his birthday and we went out to dinner
and pretty much that is it! Just staying busy........and I do have another project I'm working on. Redoing my sewing room so I'll post pictures on that whenever I get it finished.

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