Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fresh flowers .....

I have always said that should I ever hit the lottery
my big splurge would be fresh flowers delivered
for every room in my house every single week!
yeah...I'm pretty easy to please
well, I didn't hit the lottery but I do buy fresh flowers every
Saturday for my house now. I shop Trader Joes and not only are their
groceries great prices, their flowers are awesome prices!!
Jacquelyn and I usually do our grocery shopping together
on Saturdays and now she does the same as me.
She says fresh flowers on her fireplace mantle are now just
a part of her d├ęcor.....haha! She is so much like me!!
Below are the ones I bought this past Saturday.....a vase full
for the table and another vase full on the counter

in another month or so my hydrangeas will start blooming and
I'll have lots of fresh flowers throughout the house!!

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