Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Declan's birthday, part 2 .....

I was really bad about taking pictures. I did get a lot of the decorations
but failed to get many of people......oh well, just means I was having a good time. Below is a cute picture of our son Jake and our grandson Maddox

Declan having a cup of milk before the party

the yummy nacho bar......chips, lettuce, jalapenos, tomatoes, black olives,
black beans, cheese and chili.....yumm!!

the pasta in the salad was shaped like baseballs, gloves and bats

My sister-in-law Susan and nieces Mallory and Abby with our
newest grandson John Thomas

Jacquelyn and Bucky's best friends Deanna and Carey

Jacquelyn, Declan and Nicole

Declan's cousin Ethan

more cousins.....Jeremy and Robin

Not counting his mommy and daddy.....I think Uncle Jake is
one of Declan's favorite people!

this is the first time that Declan has ever had anything sweet!
and he loved it

feeding cake to his mimi

below is his chalkboard "stats"

The party was fun and Jacquelyn and Bucky did a great job with it
Declan had fun, he was a little more reserved during the party, I think
just a little shy with all of the people. Then after most everyone went home,
he started being wild.....haha!!!

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