Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow ....

If you know me or have been reading my blog for awhile, you
know that I LOVE the snow. I seriously just turn in to
a child again at the mention of snow in the forecast.
I think it's crazy that people fuss about schools closing.....let them have fun!
and it's crazy that people in my area fuss about it because we are
pretty much never snowed in. I can think of a handful of storms that
kept us housebound for more than a day
in all of my 57 years of living in Richmond.
I think it is hilarious that people rush to get milk and bread for the storms but
I do not make fun of folks for doing it. It's just a Richmond thing!
it's funny and quirky and it's fine.
I'm sure there are people who will say yeah, it's fine with you because
you have the option to work from home. Well, that's true, I work for an
awesome company that is smart enough to make sure most workers
are mobile.....but even if I didn't, I would just take a day off!

But enough of that......we finally got SNOW this winter.
January 21st we were told 3 to 6 inches and in true Richmond fashion
we closed schools, mobbed the grocery stores and waited and waited
for our snow to arrive. It was late.....and when it did, it was beautiful
but also in true Richmond fashion, we got 2 inches of snow, not 3 to 6!!!

but it sure was beautiful......
and it's cold, cold, cold!! the day after the snow it was 22 degrees
and with wind chill 10 degrees. We are supposed to get down to
9 degrees later that night......brrrrr.

below taken from my front door and whoops, forgot to take
red ribbon from Christmas off of the mailbox!

still waiting for that "big" snow......maybe next year

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