Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cooking all day ...

Today I cooked for a few  hours and now have our dinner
and lunch for the rest of the week!
From the "Make Ahead Paleo" cookbook, our dinner for
this week is.....
Monday - Sesame Chicken Salad
Tuesday - Shredded pork tacos with mango salsa
Wed - Steak Cobb salad with mango dressing
Thursday - Bacon chicken pizza
Friday - Pulled pork over cauliflower rice with spicy tomato sauce
I'm excited that dinner will be so easy this week
everything is packaged up in the frig ready to go each day
the main cooking is already done, just a little bit
of cutting up lettuce and things like that.
It was pretty easy......went to the grocery store this morning and got
everything I needed. So once home, no need to put anything away, just
start cooking. In this cookbook it's great because it tells you step
by step what to make for the entire week.

below is the tomato sauce that will be used for the
pizza and for the pulled pork on Friday

This mango salsa tasted so good......can't wait to have this!

I washed up dishes as I went along so clean up wasn't too bad

And while at it, I also cooked the doggies food
below is their ground turkey that they eat every day
I cook it up and then freeze it in individual baggies.
Then just pull out a baggie each morning
I cooked enough for 14 days for them

I started cooking about 2:00 and with cooking for the week, I also cooked our dinner for tonight and cooked the dogs food, cleaned up and was out of the kitchen by 7:00. I don't think that was too bad :)
Hope everyone has a wonderful week


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