Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Walking Dead ....

I never had the desire to watch The Walking Dead
but back in the summer, Johnny and I were just returning home
from the bay and Jake was home watching marathon
Walking Dead
and with coming home and not really wanting to do anything else
I plopped down and started watching it with him
I still can't believe it but I got hooked
I can't believe it because those kinds of shows just don't
normally appeal to me.

But Jake told me it would be best to go back and watch
the other 2 seasons so I could better understand the relationship
the characters have with each other

So Johnny and I have spent a lot of time with Netflix catching
up on The Walking Dead

And we were able to watch the season opener the other night
and whoa....it's good. I get so dang nervous watching it that sometimes
I have to get up and go in the other room.
While watching it I often cover my eyes, kick my legs, and yell at
those dang zombies!!
Then when it's time to take the dogs out before bed, I have to get
Johnny to go out with me, you know, in case there really
are some zombies out there
and here's a picture of a cutie, Declan
because what's a post without a picture
and I don't have pics of any zombies......just cute grandbabies!


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