Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clean eating ... day 7

wow...it's been a week!
and I say that because in just a week, I have seen so many changes
the biggest change is I'm not feeling so stiff in my hands in the morning
from my arthritis. That's huge.....
other changes, my hair is really soft, as is my skin
I'm sleeping good and having NO hot flashes at night.
still a few during the day but NONE at night!! That is amazing to me.
Also, after a meal, you just don't have that bloated feeling.
you feel satisfied but not stuffed....that is a really good feeling!
My only concern is the amount of eggs I'm eating. I sure as heck
hope it's not affecting my cholesterol. My physical is the end of August
so I'll find out then. And I have low iron so not sure I'm getting enough
of that but I do take an iron supplement so hopefully, that will be ok.
but enough of that....on to the eating. It's been surprising to me how good
everything is. You think things are good with lots of butter or loaded with cheese but really, food is good without all of the stuff.
So today was a huge EGG day!! haha
I had 2 cups of black coffee, 2 boiled eggs and watermelon
for my breakfast.
For lunch I had the leftover chicken from dinner last night
and a bowl of cherry tomatoes and cut up celery. I also had a small
bowl of "clean eating" soup that my friend made and it was
very yummy! Definitely know what I'll be making for this winter.
Now here's where the too many eggs comes in....I really, really
wanted an omelet for dinner. So I used coconut oil in the omelet
pan, added the eggs and then added drained salsa and chopped
black olives. This was so delicious!!
But I think I may need to lay low on the eggs tomorrow!
so there you go .... it's been a week and I'm loving it.
the food is good and I feel great. The only thing I noticed today
was my stamina has been great but tonight at Jazzercise, my legs gave
out of stamina! haha....but let's just chalk that up to a really
hard workout :)

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