Thursday, June 27, 2013

Johnny turned 60 ....

On June 22nd my hubby Johnny
turned 60! And what is special about that is
2 years ago he had a stroke. So every birthday, every year....
is EXTRA special to all of us!!
Johnny's sisters came up from Georgia and Texas
And we had friends and family over to celebrate his day!!
here's a few pics....

family starting to arrive.....

our daughter Nicole and her guy Tyler

Johnny's sister Dee and her partner Sherry

Our daughter Jacquelyn, the new mommy

Johnny and his sisters Shay and Dee

Our son Jake

My hubby and our lucky am I

My daughter Jacquelyn's father-in-law Tom
Tom smoked 40 lbs of pork for us to enjoy some wonderful
pulled pork!

My beautiful mom! Long time readers and family know the
health issues she has had over the past few years.
my goodness.....doesn't she look fabulous now!!

our precious new grandson Declan Liam
(getting a diaper change but I just thought that
look was too precious not to post)

Me and my babe!! Love this man!

Lots more pictures to come tomorrow....
photo credit on all of these go to Sherry!!!


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