Saturday, June 8, 2013

Foyer make over ....

Our foyer has been painted a bright, deep yellow for awhile now
and I never really thought it looked quite right
So when I asked one of my friends who happens to
be an interior designer to help me with the color
for the den, I also asked about the foyer
She suggested I paint the foyer the same as the den
but opposite....with the blue on the bottom and white on the top
and it looks beautiful.......see below
before pics below.....

and now the after pictures.....

see that stained railing's the only piece of stained wood
we have left in the house
and we'll do something with it soon.....just not sure yet if
we'll paint it or replace with the black wrought iron
still thinking on that one

I love how it really flows into the den
hope you enjoyed the pictures

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