Thursday, January 31, 2013

People in my life ...

My post today is about my nieces on
my side of the family, the Pendletons.....
I probably have 5 of the most beautiful nieces anyone could have
they are beautiful inside and out and though I don't get to
spend much time with them, I love them
and am very proud of each one
in order of age ... first one up is Aimee
she is the daughter of my oldest sister Vickie
when I think of Aimee, my first thought is fun!
no matter what Aimee is telling you, there is going to be a laugh involved
she makes every story funny
she loves to cook, has an awesome sense of fashion, ran her first marathon last year and has 2 beautiful kids, Alexander and Victoria (a post on them later)
... is married to Alex, a really great and thoughtful guy.
and she's just drop dead gorgeous!
Next is Mallory, daughter to my brother
when I think of Mallory, the first thing that comes to mind is giggles
she giggles and laughs a lot and is such a
happy and positive person
Very proud of her as she graduated from college last year
and is getting married in June! Mallory and I both share a love
of photography. And wow wee, she is such a beauty! Can't wait
to see how beautiful she is going to look in her wedding gown!
Mallory also blogs like I do....and I love keeping up with her.
Next is Gabrielle.....daughter to my youngest sister Kandi
My brother-in-law is Brazilian and Gabby is our Brazilian beauty!
When I think of Gabby, I think of style and fashion
This girl knows how to dress and how to accessorize!!
she's still in college ... can't wait to see where she goes in life
she's such a sweet, sweet girl.......

Now back to my brother, his next daughter is Abby
Oh Abby....first, when I think of her, I think smart!
she is one smart gal
and my second thought is what a natural beauty she is
 oh yeah, this gal needs no makeup at all.
I think that Abby just thinks everything in life is funny...and what
a wonderful way to live!! She's in college and shares her life with
all of us on Facebook. It's so awesome keeping up with all of her
college events and just life at college!
Then back to my little sister Kandi, her youngest daughter is Alison
And the first thing I think of for Alison is CRAZY.
she really is crazy......and you can't be around her without first, just
laughing all of the time and second, wondering what the heck she's
up to next!! She's a senior in high school and was crowned homecoming
queen....and I'm sure part of that was her Brazilian beauty but also for
her sweet personality. She's a true friend to all and so well liked.

below from the left is Abby, Alison and Mallory

So there you go, my 5 nieces........and what they bring to my life
is a whole lot of joy and pride. And of course lots of laughs!
They will continue our family and keep
our traditions alive. I love these girls.........

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Mallory said...

love it!! thanks aunt diane :)