Saturday, January 26, 2013

People in my life ...

This is a new series I'm doing about people in my life
just a little bit about them and the role they play
in my happiness
I'm starting with Glenda because she is my oldest friend
and I don't mean in age, I mean in has been my friend the longest
I met Glenda when Johnny and I started dating
as she worked at Nabisco with him
We became instant friends!
we did a lot of things together....bowling, parties in
West Point, cookouts, vacations at the beach...lots of fun!
And just a couple of years after Johnny and I were married,
she was there for me as I struggled with my emotions when
I could not get pregnant. I watched her children grow up and she
watched mine.....
There were times that we lost touch as we each became involved in
our own lives but whenever we saw each other or chatted, it
was as if we never missed a beat.

Glenda loves her family and loves God. She is so full of life and has a laugh that is so contagious! She likes nothing better than to be with her family or friends having a good time!
You know how people will refer to others as "like family".....well, Glenda is one of the people in our life that is
like family! We have been friends for 35 years!
Glenda is retired now and moved out of state but we stay in daily
contact through of the really great things about FB.
Glenda brings happiness into my life because she's known be
forever and still loves me!!

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