Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time to go ....

Our last one is leaving the nest!
our son Jake is moving out on Nov 30th
he has been trying to move up in the company he works for
and it finally happened for him

Except that its in another city
he'll be moving to Charlottesville
but at least it's only an hour away
Charlottesville is a beautiful little town nested in the mountains
of Virginia
from his bedroom and kitchen window, he can see the mountains!

I know it's time....I mean really, he's 24 years old
but there was never a reason for him to leave
but now the day has come

we're proud of him and we know he'll do great
I'm sure he'll be coming home some on the weekends....
I think he'll miss the dogs more than anything

he told me the other night that he had a good deal for me
I could give him Pippa Lou or pay off his car for Christmas
funny guy

But I am having a lot of fun buying stuff for his new apartment
he's just going to have to make due with very little though
until Christmas because Santa doesn't give out gifts
early at my house :)


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