Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving part 2 ...

We always have Thanksgiving with my family either the Saturday
before or the Saturday after
this year, it's the Saturday after
and we always have it at my sisters very big house
but this year her back has been bothering her so I'm hosting
it's 26 of us!

So in order to seat everyone, I'm bringing the old dining room
table in and putting it in the living room.......that one holds 12

then my new table holds 12
and I'll come up with some seating for the 2 little guys

and if you host, you only have to do the turkey, gravy and rolls

It's going to be crowded, loud and crazy.....
and I'll just love it!!!
and here's a few pics from Saturday
here's my great niece Victoria making friends with Chrissy

and Jake.....looking like he's tired of me taking pictures...haha

our two beautiful daughters.....Jacquelyn and Nicole
and here's Matt and Mallory.....who are getting married in 7 months!

and my brother......Tracy

Another niece, Alison and my little sister Kandi

and yet another niece.....Aimee and her son Alexander

Nicole and our grandson Maddox

and my sister Vickie and I......

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving


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