Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just pictures.....

Johnny and Maddox along with
Pippa Lou and Bella Boo....sound asleep on the sofa

not much holds Maddox's attention but give him the
iPad and he's happy for hours

here's Bella and Pippa Lou sleeping on Jake
he's moving out this Friday and I know the doggies are going to
miss him so much

every 2 weeks we take the same pic of Jacquelyn
here's week 22.....but she's now at 25 so we'll be taking another
picture next week
she's just the cutest little momma.....

and we take the picture in 2 different shirts because she's not
sure which one will stretch enough to last until the end.
the pic below I love....because Bucky always takes a pic with
his they were checking out the picture compared
to the previous one.....and just look how happy they are!

I love these silly boys......


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