Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Maddox turned 7 ....

It's hard to believe that our sweet grandson has turned 7
time just flies by way too fast

a little update for those that follow....
he's doing great
still loving school
and starting to be very verbal
there's a lot of noise coming out of that sweet mouth now
we're just not sure what he is saying
but after all of these years of silence, that noise is sweet
music to our ears
It also means that the connection from his brain to his
mouth, jaw, tongue, vocal cords .... it's all working together
words will come
we know they will

we had a little family birthday for him and he really
had a lot of fun opening up his presents....

and he loves stickers....

and action figures....

silly Nicole and Tyler...

this is a better one...haha!

and the expectant parents.....Jacquelyn and Bucky

and Johnny was in charge of getting the cake and this
is what he got for his grandSON!! haha....I think he was going
after the biggest cake even though it had flowers on it

my sweet sweet Maddie Moo........

they just grow up too fast..


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