Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pinterest ...

I am so addicted to Pinterest
and I need about 2 months off of work to try all of the things
I have pinned...
But I did find the time to do one simple thing I saw on there
folding up those plastic bags for easier storage
yes, I know, pretty weak....but I'm starting with
the easiest...haha
lay your bag out flat

then fold 1/3 over

then the other side over
and I'm not sure why my countertop looks brown
it's actually white, black and gray.....guess it was the lights and
it was night time.

then start folding up like you used to make those paper
footballs when you goofed off in class at school....

just keep folding your triangles up

when you get to the end, tuck in the top between one of the layers hands sure looks old!

and you end up with a plastic triangle

and these are much easier to store than just balled all up

and so, hours and hours of Pinterest and look what I learned to do!


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