Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Church window ...

I saw on FB where my sister posted a link to an online auction
I've never done one of those before so thought I would check it out
so as I'm scrolling through all of the items up for auction, I see
3 church windows and 1 church pew from
Fort Lee Baptist Church!

wow....that is the church where I grew up, was baptized
and was married! (baptized & married in the new building)
When we started going there I guess I was 5 or 6 and it was a little bitty
white church with no air conditioning. On Sundays in the
was so hot!! But we had the church fans on a stick...remember those?

We had beautiful windows with stained glass and I used to stare at them
during church and for awhile I believed they were made of candy.
Once I realized they weren't then I just imagined they were! haha

We didn't have a big ole sunday school building back then so the
few rooms in the back of the church served as our classrooms
we had vacation bible school in the church but we were
mostly outside. I just had so many wonderful memories there
that when we raised enough money to build the new church
I just couldn't believe it would ever feel the same as
our little white church in the country.

But it was and continued to bring so many great memories to me.
All of those memories came flooding back when I saw those windows.
I really wanted one but only one was still in one piece with
no broken glass. The bids on that one went up real fast
so I settled on another that had 2 missing panes.

But someone else was set on outbidding me on that one too!

My sister was also bidding on a window and one of the old
church pews. So she said if I didn't get mine, she would sell me hers
for whatever she got it for. Aren't sisters wonderful

My sister brought my window over today and I love it
it has a piece of the stained glass missing which I thought maybe I
would check on replacing but the more I look at it, the more
I love it the way it is. I need to find the perfect spot in the house
for my church window. I'm thinking the kitchen but not sure yet
isn't she beautiful.....


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