Sunday, June 24, 2012

Jazzercise ...

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm addicted to Jazzercise!

So we all know we have to exercise
especially after age 50
that is if you want to feel good, have energy and stay healthy

But I just hated it
I tired the gym, that was boring to me
I tried my treadmill at home....boring
Wii for awhile, then boring
walk to run program....wasn't disciplined enough

then my daughter suggested Jazzercise
I took some classes back in the early 80's but that was so long
ago, I couldn't remember much about it

So why not...I'll try it!
And I loved it from the first class.....even though I know I probably
looked ridiculous. I didn't know the routines, couldn't keep up
but yet, it was FUN!!
there are no mirrors in there so you can't really see how crazy you look
no one judges....everyone is just having fun
it is all age groups from 20 years old to 82 years old

so we signed up!
and then started going to the 5:45 class every evening after work
and wow wee......I hurt so bad!! I thought good grief, maybe I can't do this
but it was fun so I kept with it
and I worked through the pain

Now I can't stand it if I have to miss a class
and I make myself not go 1 day a week to rest my body
yes, I said "make myself NOT go".....haha

so people are right, it's just a matter of finding which exercise
program is right for you
and I think I finally found that
I haven't lost much weight but all of my clothes are getting loose
and the most important part...I feel great!!


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Connie said...

Yay!! I also did Jazzercize in the 80's!! I also hate the gym, the treadmill so I walk with my puppy and try to do some weights for my arms. I guess I could try Jazzercise again! It always was fun! Yay....for clothes getting loose!! Way to go!! Keep it up!!