Sunday, April 29, 2012

Yard cleanup ...

all of my family got together yesterday to do a good yard
clean up at our parents home.
Due to some recent health issues, they haven't been able to get
out and clean up winter debris. Plus some things had just begun
to really overgrow and take over some areas.
We all brought some breakfast items over....doughnuts, fruit, muffins and bagels and met over there at 8:30 to start work.

it was a lot to do but as always, it's fun just being together.
below are a bunch of pics. And as much as I love a sunny day, I was thankful that morning was overcase.......1st, it kept us cooled off and 2nd, pictures are just soooo much better on a cloudy day!!

Gabe enjoying sitting on Papa's riding mower

Maddox started out dusting in the house for Memaw but then moved to outside and was "dusting" off the driveway..haha

Jacob taking a break.......

I didn't have my camera out while we were working on the back yard...then remembered I had brought it so these shot were when we were just about done working. Mom had made everyone Tacos for lunch....yum!
It was a lot of work but we were all happy to do it for our parents and a big thanks to our brother for coming up with the idea and organizing it!


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