Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I had a birthday ...

Last Thursday I turned 56 years old
In my mind I am much younger than that
but that's life huh?

Work was great....I work with such awesome people
The VP I support sent me a huge bouquet of flowers

also flowers from Jacquelyn and Bucky

and then my co-workers gave me my favorite cake
chocolate on chocolate!!

That evening, Johnny and I went out to dinner
to Maggianos. I love Italian food so that is always
my request...somewhere Italian!

Johnny had to order my birthday gift and I'll post
on that later when it comes in.

So that was that.....that was my birthday.
But wait....I didn't know there was more to come

On Sunday Jacquelyn and I went shopping
all day long! I was tired, like in my legs were about to give out!
All I could think of as we were driving home was to get in my
recliner, maybe a glass of wine and read my new Pioneer
Woman cookbook.
So when I rounded the corner and saw a bunch of cars at my house
I was thinking...."oh no, I don't want to cook or entertain today"
As I recognized each car, I could come up with a reason for that
person coming by....but nothing to do with my birthday!
When I walked in the kitchen and everyone was there, Jake was
cooking, food everywhere, people everywhere and
duh me....I still didn't get it!!
Finally Nicole said...."mom, don't you get it? It's a surprise
dinner party for your birthday"!!
don't laugh....I'm getting old!

What a wonderful surprise!!
All of this was put together by our son Jake.
And he did all of the cooking!
He made pizza poppers and fried mozzerella for appetizers
And for dinner......he had picked up salad from the Olive Garden
along with their awesome dressing and bread sticks.
He made roasted potatoes and chicken of my favs.

here's some pics....

Melissa was Jake's "sous chef"

We started cutting the cake and then remembered to
take a picture!
It was a yummy ice cream cake!

Afterward Jacquelyn, Lynne and Melissa cleaned it all up!

It was a wonderful surprise and such a delicious meal
prepared by our son!!



Connie said...

What a wonderful surprise and a yummy dinner! I don't feel 53 either my can it be?

LilliGirl said...

You are so blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding you! :)

Happy Belated!