Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saturday ... birthday party!

Saturday night my family gathered together for
my mom's birthday!

And what was really wonderful was Jake, my son, did all of the
cooking. We had a taco bar with beef and spicey chicken,
lime/cilantra rice ..... and then all of the fixings!

We had fun....and just love being together
and we are LOUD!!

I did not take any pictures but my daughter Nicole did.
She doesn't really know my camera too well so the focus is
all out of whack but it's ok....still good pictures!

I can seat so many more people around the table now since
the kitchen rennovation!

love my family!


1 comment:

Mallory said...

love it!!

I will be posting my pictures on my blog tomorrow, then I'll share them on facebook too...if I remember correctly, I think I got a cute one of you and one of your little dogs (I'm not sure which one...haha Pippa maybe?)