Monday, January 23, 2012

Catch up ...

I can't believe I've gone this long without blogging
so I guess we'll go with some bullet points...

  • My son Jake got a new job. Very excited for him as this could be the opportunity of a real career for him. He starts on Jan 30th
  • I've been sick! I don't normally get sick much but this time, it's a real dozey! I think it could be the flu so you know what that means...all of my family and friends that always tell me to get a flu shot, they'll now say "I told you so". haha..guess I will start next year. I am going to the drs today so we'll see if it's the flu...
  • The kitchen is still coming along, painting done, I have made the curtains. Johnny still needs to put up the chair rail and we still haven't picked out a back splash
  • hoping to snag tickets to see Elton John....fingers crossed
  • we have had one of the mildest winters that I can remember. which would be ok if it was mild enough to be outside but it's not, it's still a little chilly and we're just getting a lot of rain. And I just want snow. Give me spring or give me snow!
  • I know I'm always putting a lot of pics out there of my doggies but goodness gracious...I just love those pups so much and they give me so much joy!
  • Johnny and I have already scheduled out 29 vacation days for this year and I still have 6 days left to schedule....woo hoo!
  • My camera is doing an awful job.....and no, it's not user error. I seriously need to have it cleaned but I'm not willing to give it up for 6 weeks. It has dust on the sensor and it's showing up pretty bad now 
and that's pics today
I'm working on my before and after pics of the kitchen to put up soon


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