Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 20

I have been getting pretty stressed out over the kitchen
I just want it finished for Christmas
And I don't like the pace the contractor is taking

today he finally admitted that he is disappointed in the electrician/plumber
he is using because he is not very dependable.
that's an understatement!

don't get me wrong......he is doing excellent work but at
a snails pace!
so today he told Johnny that he promises the electrical and plumbing
will be all finished by end of day Friday

and to make up for my stress, he is hiring a housekeeper to
clean my house! yay on that one!

the granite came today and I am soooo in love!!!

this is the little sink on the island or as I refer to it the "Jacquelyn sink"

we have not put the new frig in there yet

this is looking in from the dining can see the crown
molding going up and the new arch that has now been sanded down

and this is looking straight in from the dining room
the window trim you see will be painted white
but it will be after Christmas before we can paint

and this shows the open cabinet shelf for the microwave

so there ya's coming along
let's keep fingers crossed we have Christmas eve
dinner in the new kitchen!!


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Mallory said...

It's looking SOOO good!