Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chocolate cake ....

One of my many memories of Christmas as a child was
the chocolate cake with fudge icing that my mom always made
I don't remember leaving cookies for Santa....we left
him chocolate cake!

and if we were really lucky, mom let us have a slice while it
was still warm from the oven with the sugary fudge icing.

So this year I decided to make one for our family

But I forgot to buy shortening and instead used butter ....
which is not a good substitute in some recipes!

because this cake just fell apart
really.......fell totally apart!

In all of my years of baking I have never had this happen....or at
least I don't remember this happening! haha....


1 comment:

Rapunzel's Wish said...

Still looks yummy to me!!
- My husband's grandmother makes a yellow pound cake ( in bundt cake form ), and also has the chocolate fudge icing - mmmmmm!! Perfect with a glass of cold milk!
( the recipie hasn't been handed down to me, as of yet, but both of my sis in laws can make it perfectly )