Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 6

Harbor - 1 Light Nautical Large Pendant Lighting Fixture - Oil Rubbed Bronze - B5974
See that light right up there....that is the lights that
I am putting up over the island

I had such a time trying to "copy" a picture so sorry it's not
showing up a little bigger

they are brushed nickel....
I think the kitchen is going to have a pretty warm vibe to it
but I wanted to throw in a little "industrial" look to it too
it's actually listed under "nautical" but I think it has more of
a warehouse feel to it.
the only other lighting we are doing is can flush recessed lights all over
4 in what was the former breakfast area
and 6 in the kitchen area

I still have to find a new light to go over the table in the dining room
that's it for now


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