Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding ... well wishes

The details of weddings are so much fun!
you just didn't have that 32 years ago when I got married. So I really enjoyed working on all of this with Jacquelyn and Bucky.
Jacquelyn had such great ideas and I was very honored to help her carry them out.

One very cute idea was the well wishes for the couple.
She actually saw this idea in a wedding book and since the wedding was going to be on the beach, we thought it worked great. You know, like a "message in a bottle".

so we took a tall glass cylinder and wrapped one of their water bottle labels around it
we had a wooden tray with sand, notecards and pens
then added the following sign ....

and here's the cylinder filled with well wishes
not a good picture at all but I promise once we get the photographers pictures back, I'll post those.

this is what it looked like.......but we painted the tray white and we had white sand in it. looked very cute

so this wedding tip ... browse wedding magazines and internet sites before deciding on your details.  It is so easy to fall in love with all of the ideas. there is sooooo much out there so take your time and find what is just right for your wedding. Compile your list of ideas as you go along and then when you are all googled out (haha) sit down and look at all of the ideas.


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