Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wedding ... programs

We did debate back and forth about wedding programs
we didn't want to bog people down with too much to carry
especially since it was outside on the beach
but yet Jacquelyn wanted folks to know the order of the ceremony
and the titles to the music

ordering programs is almost as expensive as ordering the invitations
so we decided on a DIY project

there are many templates out there for programs
and Jacquelyn wanted to make hers into fans in case it was super hot on the beach

we thought about buying punches to scallop the top but in the end
loved the simplicity of the square paper
we used a heavy cardstock, 110 lb so they would stand and actually
cool you off!

we think they turned out great
printed on our own printer, then sprayed with adhesive
laid the handle down and folded the paper over
tie a ribbon!

Wedding program tip ..... decide where is most important to spend your money! You can spend lots on custom printed programs or have fun with family and friends and make your own. We had other places we wanted to spend money so making our own fans was the best choice for us

tomorrow ... the wedding gown


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