Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring time....

One of my very dear friends told me one time that
spring is just not my time of the year.
and she's right
because anything bad in my life has happened
in the spring time
I lost my sister-in-law who was my best friend in the spring
my daughter had her car accident in the spring
my son broke his arm in the spring
my other daughter had her first of many ankle surgeries in the spring
we lost my father-in-law in the spring
oh good grief....I could go on and on
and now I add to the list my husband had his stroke in the spring
the first stroke was on March 17th
and this past Sunday, he had another stroke...this one small
but this one scared us more as we knew right away what was happening
he's good, improving, getting stronger and will
still make a full recovery
spring time....a time for rebirth, renewal, refresh
and beautiful green grass...


1 comment:

Thomas (Tom) Rimington said...

Come do my lawn, your's looks great!