Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some things change....

and this blog is one of them!

here's background.....I started this blog back in 2007 because I stumbled upon some blogs and thought they were cool. Some were decorating, some crafts, photography, food, parenting, etc. So what would my blog be? I love sewing and  crafts....mmmm, love cooking and my passion.... my family and photography! I just didn't see how I could focus on one thing so I decided it would just be my family journal and I could include whatever I felt was blog "worthy".

Jump forward a little........turns out some people think I shoot good pictures. Actually, they think I shoot pictures good enough to pay me! So I start taking classes and learning as much as this old brain can handle. And I started doing real photo shoots!! (which still amazes me) I worried a lot in the begining about putting my work out there. I didn't want to be compared to other amatuer photographers. (and I claim to be amatuer due to my training but believe me, I'm very amatuer....still learning) But during this journey I soon realized I had my own style and I didn't need to worry about if my photos were like all of the other amatuer photographers. Yes, I edit...but I don't make people look perfect. I want them to look real, like they are. And yes, I enhance color because really, why not! But my style is unique...I am very much a "fill the frame" photographer, love great color and love playing around with black and white photos.

So I took the next step and set up a website not really knowing anything about how to do that! And it wasn't hard but wow, once you start adding to the site, the $ signs start adding too!

and now for the present day.....Every night I check my Facebook, then my photo Facebook, my website and then my blog....whew! And my website, that's costing me money and I'm not really getting anything out of it!
And what I'm learning is that I don't need to have 2 outlets for my life and 2 outlets for my photo business! My photo business is a big part of my life 2 people falling in family blog and my photo website are going to combine!

I'm not sure if I can stay with blogger....might have to go to another and I'm checking all of that out now. So if anyone has suggestions on sites they use, please let me know. I'm actually thinking of going over to no like?

So please, I hope you will hang with me through all of this and continue to follow me....blogwise and life's journey!


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Christine said...

I guess I am not sure why you don't just keep it all here? I don't really know a lot about this other than I am old and might not be able to find you! lol

I think you are very talented and have a gift of capturing beautiful pictures! You go girl!