Thursday, June 24, 2010

A lot of things....

here's the ring.....I couldn't post it earlier as Jacquelyn had to have to sized and then wanted to show it off! So I think I'm ok posting it now :)

I do believe that watermelon is one of the best things about least in the top 5!

And here's another great thing about hydrangeas!!! I love them so much and have been enjoying them in vases throughout my house!

and see this beautiful woman flanked by 2 of her gorgeous grandchildren....she's our Queen! And she is in need of some powerful prayers as she begins a big old battle against that awful disease called cancer. Please pray for her strength through this. My mom has the best attitude and I believe that with all of the prayers that she will be just fine. So if you believe, please include my mom in your prayers tonight...She's a beautiful woman full of grace and love for her family and I know she would appreciate your prayers. Thanks!



Connie said...

You got it...praying for your beautiful momma.

AND your hydrangeas are beautiful!! So is Jacquelyn's ring!!

One day at a time!! LOve you...Connie

Christine said...

Beautiful ring! Beautiful food and beautiful people in your got it going girl! Prayers your way!