Monday, May 17, 2010

Bullet points......

I cannot even believe it's been this long since I here's some highlights as to what has been going on.

  • My manager is transferring to Texas so we all went to his house on Friday and he cooked us some Low Country Boil. He had crawfish from Louisana flown up and yum it was good!
  • Saturday I went to Harrisonburg to shoot engagement pics of a friends daughter. The daughter and fiance attend James Madison University so we shot the pics on campus. And what a beautiful campus it is!
  • While there, we went over to the Green Valley book fair and wow! You have just never seen so many books. I guess they are overstocks and they had prices that you wouldn't believe. Kids books were $1 and $2. I bought 14 books and spent $45...can you believe it! I def want to go back there before Christmas.
  • On Friday as I was driving home the little computer on my car's dashboard said..."Service Air Bags". Well dang, I didn't know you had to service them. So I called the dealership and the guy acted all panicky and said you must get it in asap as your air bags currently will not deploy! I kind of laughed because really, I drove for many, many years and cars did not even have air bags. But my son Jake dropped it off today and it was a sensor had gone bad so they are ordering the part. Oh I must drive this week with faulty air bags!
  • Sunday I went to the market and bought kiwi, pineapple and strawberries. Then I went to World Market and bought some Sangrai from Spain that they had on know what's coming next right? I cut up the fruit, put in a pretty glass, added a bunch of ice and added some Sangrai  and summer drink for 2010! It was so refreshing!
  • Last Friday was an anniversary for me........3 years of being smoke free!
  • This Wed coming up is another anniversary for me.....31 years with my Johnny boy!
I didn't really take any pics there........just of the couple. But here is one from the campus and one from the gardens.


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