Tuesday, December 22, 2009

25 Days of Christmas......countdown!

wow...can't believe I missed a day!
When my kids were young, they so enjoyed having a countdown to Christmas. Most of the time we used a long piece of felt with yarn threaded through it. There were 3 pieces of candy tied to the 24 strands of yarn. And each day, with eager anticipation, they would fight over who got to untie the yarn or who got the first piece. Fun times....haha! I'm kidding because I used to enjoy it so much, especially if they actually forgot a day, which they did sometimes. And then the excitement was even greater because they got 2 pieces of candy! And you know when you are a kid, that's like the best day ever!

A couple of years ago, my son Jake who is now 21 yrs old, told me how much he loved having that countdown. So I bought him one. A nice wooden one with doors. And each year I fill it up with his favorite candy....soft peppermints. And every day he opens a door for his candy. I'm sure he misses a day here and there....but I love that he still enjoys it.


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Carrie said...

I love that we use to put candy canes on the tree and eat one every day!