Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funny Johnny story....

I was really tired last night. Like deep sleep tired.

Once I went to sleep, I was out cold.

the phone rang at midnight and normally, I would jump but Johnny said I didn't even move.
he said then he got a little worried so he came closser to make sure I was still alive. He said he couldn't even hear me breathing. So he got out of bed and came over to my side of the bed and put his face right up in mine. And even though I was in such a sound sleep that "feeling" of someone watching you woke me up! And scared the crap out of me.......good thing he had turned on the light so that I saw it was him! He said he was thinking he might have to give me mouth to mouth...that he was that concerned. HA...I call that a good sleep.

and that phone call at midnight, it was our daughter Jacquelyn. She had painted the guest room in her house that day and was inquiring as to why the paint job looked a little streaked Yeah, midnight.....that's how my kids roll.

the fall of the year has the most beautiful and colorful sunsets.


Amber said...

Your pictures always made me covet.

LilliGirl said...

Too funny.

Connie said...

Too funny...I'm cracking up and would have done the same thing. Don't scare Johnny like that any more!!!