Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mid week....

and there's not much going are some of my current thoughts..........

  • I am going to my 35 year high school reunion. whew....every time I say it or type it, I feel really old. I am looking forward to it but wonder if people will remember me or will I remember them.

  • It is hot now....we have had a wonderful summer with very mild temps for Virginia so can't complain too much but damn, it's hot now!

  • I think we traded in the wrong cash for clunkers vehicle.......took the 97 Expedition to be inspected and it's going to cost us $900. yes...I said $900. We traded in Johnny's old pick up and we will keep the Expedition in case we need to haul things or whatever. It's always nice to have that 3rd vehicle around in case you need it.

  • My mom's family reunion is this weekend and we're not going. I'm sad we're not but Johnny and I have already been on 3 vacations and we have another beach trip in September....and did I tell you the Expedition is costing $900!

  • I love our little grandson Maddox so much that I can't even put it into words....and when I watch him, I get tears in my eyes because I love him so much. I pray for him every night to continue to improve in his development...he works so hard.

  • I'm having lunch this Saturday with one of my very, very dear friends. We have been friends for just over 30 years and I just love her. Often times we lose touch but then we re-connect.

  • My nephew is getting married in October and they have asked me to do their engagement photo shoot. I'm excited and nervous.

  • The Expedition is costing $900........damn it!

  • We are under a thunderstorm watch right now. I love a good thunderstorm and I hope it hits before I go to bed so it doesn't keep me awake tonight.

  • My daughter Jacquelyn and Bucky have told us they have set a wedding date........even though they are not officially engaged yet. But my goodness, they have been together over 5 year now. But the wedding will be May 14, 2011......and I can't wait to plan it with her.

  • One of our good friends, which is Johnny's best friend, came over last Sat night for dinner and brought with him his girlfriend Susan......who we love. They had broken up and are now back together and we are just so happy about that!!

and that's all.......that's my thoughts



LilliGirl said...

Yay Jacq & Bucky!!! That's the best news by far on the whole list. Congratulations!!!

Kim said...

I just gotta say that I totally understand the love that you have for your grandson. I feel the same way about mine!

Connie said...

What wonderful thoughts and exciting ones too! I love my grandchildren's a wonderful love and connection so I know the feeling. How excited for your daughter...why are they waiting so long? They should just do it! That's a long time to plan and wait. Hope your time with your friend was delightful. I have a childhood friend who lives in Virginia...we've know each other since 5th grade. We haven't seen each other in years...we need to do that one day again. We still email though.

Can't wait to see your photo shoot pictures...please share! AND how exciting!


Mallory said...

congrats jacq and bucky! that's so exciting? have you started any of the planning?

a photographer i know got engaged last week and in the first five days of being engaged went dress shopping twice!! goodness! haha

Mallory said...

just realized i accidentally put a question mark after "that's so exciting"....was supposed to be an exclamation point! lol