Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm leaving....

for the beach tomorrow!! We thought we would not get to leave until Sunday afternoon but things at Johnny boy's work changed so we are able to leave tomorrow when he finishes up at 3:00!

That means......8 DAYS AT THE BEACH!! Can ya tell I'm excited!!

So I have mentioned this many times before but here goes again.........Johnny and I started vacationing in the Outer Banks the year before we married....that's 31 years ago. And there was not much down here back then.......only a hand full of restaurants. You couldn't even buy a mixed drink down there! If you had your bottle, they would mix it for you. haha.....
If you have never been to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, you really should try worth the trip from wherever you ar!

Not many hotels and the ones they did have weren't all that great. But the draw was the beach. It's just beautiful and it's not crowded...even now, as it has become built up and more and more people come there, it's still not crowded. Or at least doesn't ever feel crowded. It's just the best place on earth. So we continued to vacation there every single year........for 31 years! We used to rent beach houses when the kids were young, then they got a little older and I guess wanted a little more action so we started staying at the Ocean Reef which is all suites. And they loved it there so that is where we stayed for 11 years.

Then the kids grew up, Johnny's sister bought a oceanfront condo so we just started going there and that's what we do now. We did rent a large house last year as family came from Va, Texas and Georgia.

And so now it will be just us, relaxing.......watching movies, swimming, lounging on the beach, eating lots of seafood and just enjoying the time away from work! And here's a pic from last year....
I'll have lots of pics when I return......Happy 4th of July to everyone!!



Amber said...

My Most Favorite Place In The World Is The Beach.


I've never been to The Outer Banks, but I think I need to go!!!

Have fun!! And relax for me while you're there!!!!

Mallory said...

have fun at the beach!!!!!
can't wait to see your pics!

Karen said...

OMG! You are going to have such a nice time! And extra days! WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!! Who could ask for more.
I've been so TIRED of the MEDIA! They just try to rule every thought we have - or are expected to have. I just don't watch it any more. I watch the weather and the very beginning to see if there is anything really important to know about, and then it's TURNED OFF!
As for doing nice things for people, I've been going through such a trying time with my only sister. My friend tells me, "Karen, there are givers and there are takers. You are giver, she is a taker. Get over it."
And I have. She just cannot hurt my feelings any more! Whatever happens, happens. I know I am a good person, I know i love my nieces and nephews beyond belief and that's that!
I love my phone. It's a blackberry - but I don't have internet on it. I want an iPhone next.
My hair turned WHITE - totally totally white 6 months after my Mom died. Yeah, that SUCKS!
I'm excited about your trip - for you!
Have a wonderful and safe trip and let us all know when you get back! HUGS! Karen

LilliGirl said...

Amber you do need to go...I've been to so many beaches but none like this one.

Nina I hope you have a wonderfule safe trip! It will be too cold to swin up north where I'm headed with highs of only about 70! lol

traci said...

good for you!! nothing better than the beach. i will be headed to one on sunday. have a wonderful time. can't wait to see photos when you get home.

Julie said...

Ohh - have a wonderful and relaxing time. I love the sights and sounds of the beech.

Christine said...

Love the beach and we will actually be at the beach in a few weeks! Whooo hoo! Hope you are having seeing ya on facebook! I have been a true blog slacker lately for sure!

Happy Summer!

Kristen said...

I want to go to the beach!! I hope you are having fun!