Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Christmas......

We had such a wonderful Christmas! I feel so blessed......everyone was healthy and happy and really, what more can you ask for! I think this Christmas was the latest we have slept since having children.....7:00 am! wow! Jacquelyn and Bucky had come over and spent the night so Jacquelyn came running up stairs at 7:00 to get everyone up! And what fun......tearing through all of the gifts, breakfast casserole, lots of coffee, cinnamon buns.....

Nicole let Maddox sleep and sleep he did! I think he woke around 8:30 and had a bit of a confused look on his face. But that didn't last long as he caught on to opening presents. There were times that I think he was a little overwhelmed or rather, he just wanted to play with the toys he had already we would have to wait a while to give him another to open. He really had fun but I think the best part for him was his Big Wheel.....once that came out, it's all he was really interested in.

My mom and dad came over for a little while and then my BIL, niece and nephew. By night time everyone was gone and it was me in a recliner with a glass of wine relaxing. Christmas is so much fun and so tiring!

We spent Friday just hanging out and gorging on food....haha! Realizing that we really should stop we went to.....well, what else.....SHOP!! We bought a beverage holder for Johnny's bar. It keeps 128 cans chilled!! And we bought a TV stand for my NEW TV! Thank you Johnny boy.....he gave me a 32" LCD HD flat screen TV for my scrap/sew room. AND....he even had already gone to the cable company and got the box and awesome is my Santa!

Saturday was spent at my sister's house with all of my family. The young kids all opened up their presents then my mom and dad gave out all of their gifts to everyone. After that we did our crazy gift much fun. We all brought 2 or 3 appetizers so grazing was the way we ate! It has just been such a wonderful time.

So now we have football tomorrow.....then on Monday Johnny and I have a few exchanges to make. Johnny boy also gave me a really cool macro lens for my camera but I'm not doing something right so we need to go by the camera shop so someone can help me.

So here's a bunch of pics.....
*We gave Maddox a frog here's Nicole and I hanging out with him. And then of course Bucky and Jake in the tent!
I was going to post a bunch of pictures but I can't get bloggy to love me tonight!
I'll try a little again...



Loreluca said...

Oh, Nina! That sounds just sooo lovely! Now I understand Maddox's face! Yup, he almost looks lost!
I love all the traditions and all the nice things about Christmas. But especially that warm fuzzy feeling of love and peace that the Lord still spreads around to mankind!
Lots of hugs, my friend!

LilliGirl said...

I'm so glad you had a good Christmas! The frog pics are my fav. Love the template update too.