Monday, July 21, 2008

Wake up call..........and a serious post!

On Saturday afternoon around 4:00 I went to the Ukrops (our local grocery chain) over by Va Ctr Commons. This was a very busy time of the day.....parking lot full and a lot of people around but the car snob that I am, I park in the very back because I don't want people to ding my car! I couldn't find my cell phone and I had that on my mind as I went to my car. After the guy put my groceries in the trunk, I went to get in my car and flung the door wide open (no one parked around me) Then I spotted my cell phone sitting on the passenger seat half hidden by a beach towel. I checked missed calls and noticed Johnny boy had called about 10 min earlier so I went to that, had my thumb on the "talk" button when I heard a man say "M'am, do you have any money"........well, you can only imagine how that scared me! Oh no! I had not shut my door because I saw my phone and just didn't even think.

So the guy was positioned to where I could not even get my hand to the door handle without brushing against him. I said no to him and he got closer and said "I'm sure you do..I know you have money. I need money for gas" ......again I said no, I do not have any, please move.

the entire time I still had my thumb on the "talk" button which would have dialed Johnny right away and he would have heard what was going on.

Again, he moved even closer to where his head was right about at my face and his voice was even more stern......he said "I know you have money, I need money for gas".

In a stern voice, I said to him "Please move away from my car, I have no money"............he then backed off and I shut the door and locked it........and then my knees started shaking so bad I couldn't move.

I always, always, get in my car and shut the door and lock it.......I cannot believe that I left myself that open! I called Johnny and told him I think I was more mad at myself for being so vulnerable....I know better than that!

It very much served as a huge wake up call to me......and I would like to pass that on to you! Get in the car and lock it...then worry about that damn cell phone.... :)



Loreluca said...

Oh my!!!! I can't believe that! Oh, you are soooo lucky to be unharmed!!! I am sooo glad that your guardian angel was standing on your shoulder, my friend! God only knows... I can't even think about it. Just very happy to know you are well. WOW! I never ever do that (close my doors. I even leave just about everything unlocked until night time, then I do... I guess I'll start being a LOT more careful! Oh, dear! I really am glad you are ok, Nina. That was a close call.

traci said...

that is so scary nina. i am so glad you are ok and he finally backed away from you. it is so sad that we have to be on guard 24/7. i long for carefree days when you knew you were safe. take care - thanks for the heads up. i will definately pass this story on to my daughter.

Catwoman said...

I'm so sorry that happened to you, and I can just imagine how terrifying it must have been.

There's an email that goes around with tips for women and how to avoid attacks in parking lots, and that's one of them, to not be on the phone, or fiddling with something, because potential attackers look for women who are distracted. I think your story is a good reminder that we always need to pay attention, and I thank you for that.