Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some blogs worth checking out......

I don't usually reference too many blogs on here.......well, my list to the right is getting pretty big!
But I run across so many great ones that I wanted to highlight a couple that I think you should check out!

I don't know how I even ran across this one but check out Nate over on the right. This is a young family that needs lots of prayers and it was kind of neat to me that they live in the Outer Banks......which is where we spend our beach vacation every year! So if you believe, please pray for this family, they need it right now.

Now I have found this one, check to the right...called Funny Homes. I have laughed so hard reading it. I can't even begin to believe that people have homes like that but proof is in the pics!!

And then there is Meg....I just love the great pics she takes, the fact that she has so many kids and keeps such a great sense of fun in their home!

and here's another one that makes me laugh.....Lotta Kids....she is very funny...almost as funny as Cat Woman!!

And I have to mention Precious Parker because here's a kid that I don't know but I just love. And Parker is in my prayers every single night....I hope you will add him to your's.

And if I knew how to do the little linky button, I would but it's just not working for me right now.



Tammy and Parker said...

Aw..thank you so much for your sweet sentiments.

And your friendship.

Loreluca said...

Gotta go check them out! Thanks for the recommendations!

Lilli said...

I was going to look at all of them but went to the house one first...And I sooo got stuck there. I was laughing out loud and totally oblivious to anything around me. Love it!

meg duerksen said...

oh thank you for sending new friends my way.
your words were very sweet.
we do try to have good time around here.

hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Midwest Nest said...

Thanks for the blogs to check out. Have read the Nate blog and really am awed by what they have been through. Praise God for their lives.