Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tell me what you think....really...tell me!

On Monday my Johnny boy and I celebrated 29 years of being married.......29 years of having fun, putting up with each other, raising 3 kids, laughing an awful lot, moving 3 times and all the while, having the best time of our life!! And with each year, it only gets better. I.....am very lucky and him....well, he's very lucky too! haha

I always told Johnny that I want to go to Hawaii for our 30th wedding anniversary. Knowing full well that I will never get Johnny to go to Hawaii......but it was always fun to think about it. He does not care to fly and that would just be too long of a flight for him........we live on the east coast.

Monday night, while out to dinner @ Maggiano's, I told him that I knew he would not do that trip and he said......."you know it".

BUT.....but.........he did say that we could do a little trip down to the Caribbean! woo hoo.......so if you know me at all, you know that I'm in the planning mode now!! Except that I do not know anything about the Caribbean.......where to go, where to stay. I'm looking for suggestions. I'll ask some folks here @ work but would love to hear from some of my blogger friends on where they would suggest.........got any?? Our requirements are white sand beach, casinos and possibly all inclusive.


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traci said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! the caribbean - yeah - how exciting. i would be planning now too. i am kind of a freak that way. not sure if i can offer any good advice - did the big red boat to the bahamas when the kids were young - it was ok. didn't like jamaica - don't like it when they tell you to stay within your resort cuz you're not safe outside of it - yikes. i have heard turks and caicos is beautiful. good luck planning.