Saturday, May 24, 2008

No one told me........

about this wonderful place called "My Girlfriends Kitchen"! Can I just say WOW WOW WOW!! I just bought 10 pre-made dinners for $ awesome!
all good, fresh ingredients and all ready to pop in the oven.
and they have really cute names......
so here's our menu for Monday thru Thursday for the next 2 weeks.
**Apple Valley Pork Chops
**Sweet Dreams Chicken Lasagna
**Saucy Baked Salisbury Steak
**Parmesan Tilapis on my Mind
**Mi Amiga Tender Beef
**Newfangled No-fuss Chicken Cordon Bleu
**Sure to please Philly Cheese
**Satay on the Settee
**De-lightful Chicken & Lemon Pepper Pasta
**White Tablecloth Ricotta Ravioli

this is going to be great to come home from work and have the entree already to pop in the oven. They even give you serving suggestions for your sides.
I'll use these Monday thru Thurs because I actually do love to cook.......just don't have time during the week. I'll do my cooking on the weekends.
the size I bought serves 4 to 6 people so should be enough left over for Johnny boy's lunch.
what a deal!!

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traci said...

yumm-o! everything sounds wonderful. we have something like that around here too. i have done it a couple times, but it's not really enough for a son with a huge appetite and a boyfriend who is over all the time. but it was good stuff and so much fun to make. i went with a couple girlfriends and we had a ball.